Thursday, August 18, 2011

let's all just be classy and live in suits with our poodles and out hair in curls with our gowns on. it's the only way to go, now isn't it!?

my friend took me and two of our other friends to the Pelican Hill Resort in Newport... amazing day. (virgin) mojitos, duck, fresh hummus and pita that just came out of the toaster, steak sandwiches and mashed potatoes and salad, margherita pizza, gelato, espresso.... honestly one of the best lunches i have ever had. thank you brad! you are the bestest (:

we joked around and took praying pictures and laughed and spoke of our "trips to rome and greece and africa and tahiti" and cheers to everything and i had a fake birthday and they sang to me and got dirty looks and we walked around and did funny stuff and took the little ketchup, dijon mustard, and mayo bottles off the table as souvenirs. i decided i am getting married at the gazebo there.. it is gorgeous. like literally it looked like someone drew it. it didn't look real. the pool is amazing and the whole property is just amazing.

had to share my experience this week!!!

i am really sorry... but Katy Perry seriously sucks live. i love her, i think she's interesting, her songs are easy to listen to even thought they get stuck in your head easy and can get on your nerves but this girl can not sing live. it pisses me off when people sound one way recorded and one way live. i wish it could just go back to the days of led zeppelin and the doors- unedited, one take. those were the best days. unprocessed music is so much better. 

i hate when you are blowdrying your hair and you end up having to blow dry your whole body because you start getting goosebumps because part of you is warm and the rest of you is cold and then you end up blowdrying all of you and then when you turn it off then you get goosebumps all over again. and now i am getting goosebumps just thinking about it!

a lot of people left for college this week. i have never really beed great with goodbyes but i tried to make them somewhat comical because i knew i would cry after. it is depressing seeing so many people leave, but exciting seeing them start a new chapter in their lives. to all my loves who just went away to school or are leaving soon: I LOVE YOU. i am so lucky to have you in my life and i can not even explain how much you all mean to me. good luck with your adventures to come. i know you will all do what you do best and be successful :) i miss you guys already!

can someone bring me food!?!? i just got really really hungry and think pink sparkly cupcake is driving me kinda insane right now.

i hate when you get together with a guy and then 15 guys magically decide that they want to be with you. it's like seriously? you just decided randomly that you really like me and want me? you had so much time to text me that and now i am happy with someone. go away and let me enjoy my happiness without trying to get with me. guys will always want what they can't have... doesn't mean you have to give it to them if you are with someone who you really care about and like and maybe even love. when you see a girl happy don't try and make her lie and cheat. let her be happy and be happy for her! it isn't that hard. 

people keep telling me i have angelina jolie lips... i really don't think my lips are that big but i don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing... i think it is a good thing. people pay to have huge lips. so maybe its good that mine are already big hahaha someone said i had err.... SMDL? that makes me think that it isn't necessarily a good thing hahahhahaa

if you walk out of my life, you mind as well close that door behind you because if you walk away i don't want you to come back. you don't get to come and go as you please. it doesn't work like that. as much as you would like for it to be like that, if you put me through leaving you don't get to confuse me by coming back. you don't get to mess with my head. its not fair to me.

i hate procrastination. i should honestly be doing my AP english and AP US history summer homework right now.. but im blogging instead. about how much i hate procrastination. i start school in 5 days. all i am going to say is that i am so screwed on time it is ridiculous. 

secret no. 132

if you brought me flowers every once and a while i would honestly feel so special you have no idea

i love those dresses that walk out and make your jaw drop. things that are interesting and artistic and beautiful. show stoppers. i love seeing people's reactions when a dress like that walks out and you just can't help but stare because it is so beautiful. its happened to me a few times and you literally want to go up, rip it off, and run away and keep it forever because it is so gorgeous.

the boy is coming home from Paris tomorrow!!! i am so excited to have him home 23 days is way too long. girls- if your boyfriend ever tells you that he is going to go to paris for 23 days. do not let that boy get on the plane. it is way too hard having them away for that long. im lucky enough that it stayed together not getting to talk very much for that long can break a relationship

let's be a little bit spontaneous. no more planning. no more calendars. no more schedules or having to do anything. just go in the moment and do what you love. do something that makes you laugh harder than you have ever laughed before. because in the long run you are going to wish you did something crazy instead of going to that thing on that day at that place

i love living in california for a few reasons. being able to drive for 20 minutes and see the beach is definitely one of those few reasons!

i think i would honestly die if i fell in love with someone who lived somewhere else. like if i fell in love with someone from texas or florida or germany or tahiti. hahah it doesn't matter where. i think i would have problems because i would want to be with them all the time and i couldnt. i dont know how people do it

i love when parrots talk to you and say funny stuff.
 it makes me giggle.

every girl has that pair of shoes that are her "yes i know im hot shoes" i think for me those are my bright red, suede heels that are like 6 inches high... god i love those things

i love when you listen to a song and it explains everything you are going through in one verse, its amazing how easy it is to relate to music

i really don't see why people want to look orange. you aren't looking tan you are looking like you hopped in a big batch of nacho cheese and got out and walked around. or like someone smashed a pumpkin on you. i don't really get why you would want to look like that. i think it is really ugly. guess some girls like looking like umpa lumpas 

"old times" never come back and i suppose it's just as well. what comes back is a new morning in the year, and that's better
-george e. woodberry-

there are some people that you know that you would be cute with. doesn't matter who they are or if they have a girlfriend or what. none of that matters. all that matters is that you would be sexy with them and you know it (;

yum yum yum

when one door closes, another door opens; but so often we look so long  and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us

i thought when love for you died, i should die. it's dead. alone, most strangely, i live on

K? When you learn the rest of the alphabet then feel free to talk to me again you bastard

i love rocking the sexy teacher glasses hahaha it is so fun for me for some reason. i get so many funny comments about it and it makes me giggle. at least i can wear them and look hot in them! if you are blind it is important to be stylish while you improve your eyesight


no yesterdays are ever wasted for those 
who give themselves to today

it is some relief to weep; grief is satisfied and carried off by tears

problems are only opportunities with thorns on them


i really do wish i could go back to the 60's and be a flower child and listen to the doors and talk about peace and dress crazy and be all about free love and stuff. i think it was such a cool time even with all the bad stuff going on. i would totally be a hippie

...he loves me he loves me not...

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