Saturday, March 12, 2011

you have no idea how broken i am right now. but it doesn't matter because you laugh while i cry. you are out having the time of your life while im still all choked up inside. and i dont know where me and you went. i dont know where the love has gone. 
stop bitching about how much you hate your life- at least you're alive. 

no one cares if you are mad at your parents. no one cares if the boy you like doesn't like you. no one cares if you are sad. no one cares if you and your best friend get in a fight. no one cares that you got an F on your english test or that you got a ticket because you were driving too fast. no one cares about how drunk you got or who you hooked up with. no one cares if you get grounded. no one cares if you like someone. no one cares if you got a new really cute shirt. no one cares when you are whining about how cold it is or how hungry you are. no one cares because it is annoying. and honestly- 80% of the people are glad you have problems and the other 20% dont really care- at all. so you are not doing yourself any favors. you could be dead. you could not be here so stop complaing how much you hate your life and just live your life. be happy for god's sake. because im sick of hearing you bitch when you have it so good. you aren't a starving child in africa, you have a house, you have a place to sleep, you are getting an education, you have money, etc etc etc. so you've got it good. you have clean water to drink and you have a family. look at all the people that don't even have that and then ask if i feel bad for you.