Thursday, November 25, 2010

I AM THANKFUL FOR..... it's an unusual list

1) turkey. i am thankful for turkey. without turkey what would thanksgiving be?

2) My wonderful, completely insane family that drives me crazy on a regular basis but that i could never live without

3) OCHSA. It gave me a newfound appreciation for the arts, handed me some of the most beautiful people that i have ever met that are like my sisters, taught me that we are all special, that we are all unique and beautiful in our own way and that we have the ability to create magic. It taught me to be myself and how to make the pain i felt subside. It taught me how to love. It taught me how to fight for what I wanted. It taught me how to stand up for what I believe in and to never back down. It taught me how to create more than art, it taught me how to create a masterpiece.

4) Rachel Hartman. my best friend. my sister. the girl that was there for me through everything. I put her though way more than one person should ever have to deal with and she never gave up on me. She gave me a much needed wakeup call and i love her with my whole heart.

5) This place I call home

6) My notebook. It taught me how to let go.

7) Lauren and Jaidyn- two amazing little girls that have changed my life. They have Downs and Rhett Syndrom and they have given me a new meaning of life and have showed me how lucky I am to have my voice, to be able to walk. The simplest things. Helping them overcome their obstacles made me a better person.

8) Independence. I am thankful that I have my own voice, my own thoughts, that I am not one of many that I can be one and a million.

9) John Mayer's song "slow dancing in a burning room" No kidding this song got me through everything.

10) Rachel Berkowitz, Jamie Belzowski, Emmalee Woodward for being there for me when I had no where to go. Seriously some of the most amazing girls I have ever met <3 You guys will be my sisters forever

11) Jen Hagen, Emily Salkovitz and Sam Mark for being insane and making me smile when i want to go die. You guys know how to make me smile and that is a beautiful thing.

12) John. Even though I hate him now, he taught me that if you love something... or someone... you have to fight for it. And he taught me that it's okay to let go sometimes

13) My scrapbook- reminds me of my roots. Reminds me where i came from. Where I've been. Who I love who has always been there for me. Sometimes I forget and I need a reminder.

14) For always being daddy's little girl no matter what <3 We fight. We scream at each other. We break stuff. We say shit we don't mean but he's always there to hold my hand and tell me it's alright even when i just want to run away and i think everything is falling apart. His opinion means the most to me and I am grateful to have him in my life still.

MERRRY thanksgiving!!!

What is thanksgiving? Is it really a time for giving thanks? Or is it a time to sit at a table and get fat? I mean honestly, I think every year everyone has thanksgiving dinner and lays down on the couch after feeling 10 pounds heavier. Just an observation... Turkey, potatoes (my personal favorite), cranberry sauce, rolls, stuffing, sweet potatoes, don't forget the gravy! Give me the good stuff. Right? I don't  know about you but I have the most unusual, dysfunctional family dinners ever. Everything from "Sarah Palin! GOD DAMN IT THAT WOMAN IS AN IDIOT!!!!!  Why does she have a reality TV show she just makes herself look more ignorant than she already appears." to "Did you see the real housewives of beverly hills this  week? You know the one where the guy carries around his little dog walking everywhere talking about how he isn't even allowed to open the refrigerator and wondering how his turtle got to his swimming pool from the pond he was supposed me be in? Wasn't it hilarious!?" to "No, I don't watch survivor, I watch the real house wives, it's my crack cocaine." to my sister laughing so uncontrollably that no sound is coming out any more. She looks like she needs oxygen when this happens. It's normal. I wrote all of this just to show, if you have a weird family, you aren't alone. So now it's time to give thanks.