Sunday, November 28, 2010

Why is it so cold?

I don't know why. But every year it keeps getting colder and colder and i'm not really diggin it. We live in Southern California. I mean really, isn't it supposed to be sunny and warm year round? I AM FREEZING! I was outside for this neighborhood thing tonight and I could not feel my fingers. My teeth were chattering. That is not acceptable.  I want to run around in shorts and tank tops! It feels like it is going to snow. Which is all good. When I am prepared for it. Wow I'm pathetic. I have my comforter 2 fuzzy blankets and a quilt on my bed and i am wearing my victoria's secret pajama pants, pink fuzzy socks, a long sleeve shirt, and my NYU sweatshirt and i am still cold. This is a little ridiculous don't you think?!


So i am driving from newport because i had to drop rachel off at home. And there is this car in front of me that is driving like 20 MPH or something. You know, it's always the mom in the mini van or the old person in a beat up sudan or a gardening truck that you feel like is going to fall apart in the middle of the freeway or something or the asian person that everyone is afraid to drive next to.  Just saying. Not trying to be racist. There are some good asian drivers I'm sure. The majority of them scare me. Same with moms and grandmas. I am a girl and it scares the shit out of me when women drive. So in this case- it's the mini van. Probably the soccer mom. Dealing with screaming kids and stuff in the back seat yelling, "MOMMMY! I WANT TO WATCH MONSTERS INC.!!!" or something. You know exactly who i am talking about. So I am driving, driving, driving. Then this woman in a mini van cuts me off! And starts driving SLOW and I am sitting there saying 'Oh my god. I was driving 85 and now i'm driving 55. DO YOU SEE A PROBLEM WITH THIS YOU STUPID WOMAN!!!' and i can't get around her now because there is traffic on both sides of me and I am sitting there saying I am going to hurt this woman and getting all mad and wanting to kill myself and my dad is just sitting there. I have road rage. Can you tell?

this made me laugh. 

The good stuff

So as you all know, I have an obsession with the doors. I have been listening them for the past hour- well blasting it anyways. It's so much better loud ;) Jim Morrison is kinda my idol. SEX, DRUGS, AND ROCK AND ROLL- it's not a hobby, it's a lifestyle. He was a true rockstar. And i am obsessed with the  rawness of their music. I like how uncensored it is and that it is so unprocessed. It is so much better than all the stuff we have today. I mean if you are talking about real music anyways. All the stuff we have now is just a machine singing not a person. Just look at how many people can sing live. Very, very few. So in conclusion. The doors. Are the best.