Tuesday, November 23, 2010



reckless |ˈrekləs|
adjective(of a person or their actions) without thinking or caring about the consequences of an action reckless driving.DERIVATIVESrecklessly adverbrecklessness nounORIGIN Old English reccelēas, from the Germanic base (meaning [care] ) of reck .ƸӜƷFor some reason. This classification seems to fit me well. Or my parents think so anyways. Long story short, whenever anything goes wrong- I wasn't thinking what I was doing. Anyways, time for introductions.  My name is Kaitlyn. I am a writer. It is my true passion in life. I love photography and can often be seen wandering the hallways with friends carrying around a 20 pound camera. I went to OCHSA, the art school in santa ana for a year and now I am back going to school in the OC. I am brutally honest at times, err... more like on a regular basis. Sorry if you think I'm a bitch, at least I'm telling the truth. I have several obsessions and several really big pet peeves. OBSESSIONS: - The Doors: they are constantly on repeat. Jim Morrison is amazing. For some reason I love the fact that it is so uncensored and unprocessed, that they went against everything society wanted to make the music they wanted to make.- Red and black nail polish: I don't like the pretty little pearl pink nails, i like something that makes a statement. Acrylics are good too. It's always funny when guys say things like "scratch my arm" because you have fake nails hahaha- Starbucks: OH MY GOD i have a problem... its bad. Venti Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Lattes, Passion Fruit Iced Tea with Raspberry Sweetener, Toffee Mochas, and Zebra Mochas with Peppermint Shots- Victoria's Secret: I think I live there. I really want to get my 1st job there. Or at  makeup or shoe place... we'll see :)-Dior Cherie: Heaven in a freakin bottle. It's kind of amazing I love it so much- Johnny Whittemore's Gray Sweatshirt: That I keep forgetting to give back to him... ooopssss. Well, he did say I could keep it. Johnny if you are reading this I love you :)- Old movies: Film Noir, 1940's, femme fatales, awesome. I love the fact that its black and white and the drama and the fashion, ahhh its just wonderful. - UGG boots: I live in them. - My new red heels from Bakers: They are so so so so so amazing. And the best part is, they dont kill your feet when you are walking in them all day :) Sexiest shoes on the planetPET PEEVES: i will keep this simple...- The typical stereotype of an "orange county girl" : Blonde hair, fake nails, fake boobs, fake tan, low rise jeans, belly button rings- the usual. SO hot right??? I love when you talk to someone from a different state and their first question is "how's the OC?" or "are the girls really like that?" its annoying.-People that "love god" and claim to be church lovers but really go get wasted every weekend. I am far from perfect but at least I'm not saying "i love god" and all of that and going against everything the bible believes in and teaches. -People that can't spell. -People that take 1,000 years to respond to something... I mean really? It isn't that hard-Guys that talk about everything they have: Example one... I have this friend... he wants me to "give him a chance".. which isn't going to happen. Ever. Because all he ever talks about is getting girls and the money he has and his car and shit. It is pathetic. And then he tells me that he isn't cocky and everyone misunderstands him and I need to give him a chance. Really?So that is a little piece of me. I hope that you have a WONDERFUL day :) if you have something to ask me or tell me come share on my formspring: http://www.formspring.me/urmyotherhalf  Everyone seems to think it is amusing so enjoy!