Monday, January 10, 2011

 and sometimes i swear that nothing  i do will ever be good enough for you. 

you're beautiful. every little piece, love. and don'y you know you're really gonna be someone. ask anyone.


everything i didnt do

every spotlight i didn't make. every chance i didn't take. all the nights i went too far. all the boys that broke my heart. all the doors that i had to close. everything i knew but didn't know. thank god for all i missed, cause it led me here to thing.
playing tricks on my mind. you're everywhere but you're so hard to find


so i went to the chiropractor today and i must say i am in love with that one. readjust my hips, knees, put 5 ribs back in place, readjusted my front ribs, shoulders,  elbows, feet, wrists, neck. i feel fricken amazing. she is a miracle worker.