Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I love winter- even though it doesn't snow here i love how its cold and you get to wear boots and how you can see your breathe in the air when you are outside. its cuddle weather :) its wonderful i like it! i love sitting under the blankets and cuddling with the person you like and watching movies all day and drinking coffee and looking at christmas lights and decorating the christmas tree and going shopping and the rain.

enough said.

No matter what i do- i feel empty. I feel alone and there are thousands of people around me every single day but you are the only one that matters. You were the only one that ever mattered. And i mean nothing to you. So i'm standing here, wishing that i could see you smile back at me one more time and that you were here to hold my hand and fall asleep next to me. You're not. You're never here. You walked out of my life and my only regret is watching you go. Because now i'm here all alone and you are somewhere out there living your life to the fullest while i wishing you would come back into my life. It's funny how that works isn't it? The only thing you really want- the only thing you really need- you can't have because they don't want you back.


When the ones we love let us down where do we go? if we cant rely on them, what does that say about our selves. Their mistakes cost us tears and pain. In the end the tears are wasted and the pain goes away. Time moves on and were ready for bigger and better things. But till then were left waiting to see what happen next. Is it really fare that we get hurt because of their mistakes?

xoxo Raquel alise

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