Thursday, December 23, 2010

Shopping day with the girliess! WEEEOoooooooOO

so i went to the mall with my girls today and we met up in the food court. and there was this lady.. well girl? no lady? idk she was in her 20's and she sat at a table behind us and and started eating a cup full of ice cream all by herself. This lady was big- like i'm talking BIG. and she just sat there. not looking around. eating her ice cream. it was hilarious but rather sad. i mean really. who wants to be sitting alone in a crowded food court eating ice cream alone. that is just depressing. and we walked around and saw some familiar faces and ran away from some of them and spent a good hour trying stuff on in victoria's secret (AKA: my favorite place in the world) and i sent derek a picture of a mannequin's butt wearing a thong.. because i told him i would. we had some good laughs and we walked and i was falling all over the place and we were with zak and then we went to borders and we discussed 2012 and if it would be the end of the world and if it would, what should you do? run around screaming? or just smoke or something or fuck someone hahaha and then we went to cheese cake factory. it took us 40 minutes to get a table. we ended up outside made our waiter wait 20 or 30 minutes before ordering. French fries. 3 waters. 1 diet coke. a piece of fudge cake. and a grilled cheese sandwich. so we sat eating bread and jen kept blowing out the candle so zak would have to light it again and i dont know what was wrong with me but it was funny and then we got our food and zak told the waiter it was my 16th birthday. next thing i know i have like 12 waiters singing happy birthday to me and people clapping and singing and saying happy birthday and cheering and giving me ice cream sundaes with candles to blow out hahah it was a good time. it was quiet funny. and when we were walking out everyone said happy birthday hahaha. so good. classic. typical zak.  and then we went to H&M and they tried on pea coats. but they weren't really pea coats and then i looked like their mom and em and jen were sitting on the floor like sleeping while zak and dylan modeled for me??? i dont even know. then we left in the rain. and drove home blasting music. it was very fun.. i liked today :)))