Monday, April 4, 2011

him: bitch
her: hoe
him: skank
her: prostitute 
him: oh you know how i do on jelly avenue ;)
her: you work them tentacles boy
him: holla at me for a little sting ;)
her: under the sea!
him: under the sea.. darling it's better, down where it's wetter take IT from me

i don't like tomatoes but this looks yummy

why can't you ever just have faith in me. i would never do anything to hurt you, and you think i am unfaithful. you think that i am a liar. a cheat. but i've never been that kind of girl i don't know why you can't see that because i love you

i'm in my own little world and there is no way out. guess it looks like you are trapped with me
get tan. fall in love. have fun. ya. its the way life is in the summer time and this weather is such a fuckin tease!!!

don't be stupid enough to cheat on your girlfriend and get caught my god. if you are going to do it at least cover your ass so you don't fuck yourself over and break her heart. no it's not right to lie, but if you are going to do it- at least do it well. it just gets sloppy after a while it's like you want to get caught. but do you really want to deal with a girl bawling her eyes out because you don't love her and you were unfaithful... NOO. so don't do it or don't be a dumb ass and get caught my god

you are more of an animal than ke$ha you need to be caged