Friday, December 10, 2010

If I wanted to be controlled, I would have came with a remote.

The wise words of Mae West

When I'm good, I'm very good. But when I'm bad I'm better. 

I must agree with Mae West on this one. If I'm going to be good, I can be good. If I want to be a good girl I can be, but being bad is just so much more fun. Breaking the rules and participating in dirty acts just makes life so much more exciting. I can be good- really really good. Or at least act good but being bad is my preference ;)

She doesn't care

he told me he's been faithful to his girlfriend and is gonna try to stay that way. challenge accepted.
They always say they are going to be faithful until something better comes along and then he is all over the new girl of the minute. So I think a lot of girls take it as a challenge if they like a guy and he has a girl. They don't see the look in her eyes when she smiles up at him and the way she feels holding his hand and kissing him. She doesn't hear it when he says he loves her and that he is so lucky to have her. She doesn't care about hurting her feelings. She only cares about the cute boy sitting in front of her. Making her kisses lust not love and her words trash not genuine. And to think that some skank can come along and ruin things in an hour when she spent so much timing loving and caring for him. It makes you wonder if she has a heart.

oh thanks guys. i love getting random pictures about giving clowns blow jobs when i'm sick it makes me feel so much better <3

You're my everything ♥

You're the smile on my face. You're the light that brightens the dark. You're my anywhere any time at all. You are the hand in mine when the world is falling apart. You are the stars in my sky. You are the breathe on the sheets. You are my will to be weird. You are the sun in my eyes. You are the fight in my heart. You're my motivation to get up in the morning and the reason I can sleep at night. You're my everything.

You aren't beautiful. You're beyond it.

Who knows what this is.....

You know when you first meet someone, you never think that they are going to hurt you. They smile they talk you watch their eyes the way the grin spreads across their face the way they brush their hair back or put their hands in their pockets. You think they're nice. Unless its a crazy homeless guy or some pedophile but you get to know them. You talk to them. Learn about them. And then they let you down. And then you tell them not to. They do it again. You tell them not to blow this. You tell them that you really like them not to mess this up.  The next time you start getting a little annoyed. You are hooked on them by now. Why do they keep doing this? Making these mistakes? A little time goes by... one more fight. You tell them you dont want to give up on them. They promise you that they wont. They do. Again. Why are you still giving them a shot? MY GOD WOMAN! Kick him to the curb already. He lets you down again. It hurts you. Now your voice is nothing but a whisper. You expect him to let you down but pray he won't. He always does. You whisper as you tell him to get his things and go. He let you down.

I'm not in love with you. I'm in love with the man i thought you were