Monday, December 6, 2010

Girls, if a guy pauses a video game to text you back…marry him
NEWS FLASH: another girl can’t “steal” your guy, the guy decides he likes her more. reality hurts.

Oh the dilemmas

"how do i tell her that i need alcohol to fuck her but at the same time i cant get a hard on with alcohol."
Bahahhaa wow that girl must have been pretty damn ugly. I can see it now. Some easy girl at a party, "let's go upstairs, okay babe?" the guy uhmmm.... whips out phone texts friend with the "hey dude, theres this girl thats up to have sex with me but she's fucking beat" friend responds "have fun with that one" and he says that hahaha oh my.. the dilemmas. Wouldn't life be better if there were only hot girls that way you wouldn't end up in this position?


Oh my god, this guy i know just got a tat on the inside of his lip that says "est. 1993" i thought it was pretty  cute actually because it was like when he was born and stuff. I think it would hurt to get a tattoo on the inside of your lips. That doesn't sound like very much fun. But i guess it looks sick sometimes 

Karma’s got me fearing life, see I got demons in my past.

Best Costumes

So... everyone is having ABC and costume parties right now. We decided to share a few :)

Pebbles from the Flinstones- pink/ red hair cute little cave girl outfit

Tiger- Ripped up tiger print tube top with a short, black tool skirt with the drawn on whiskers

Sailor- short little skirt with a button up tied up into a bra top type thing with a cute little sailor hat and a little anchor tattoo on your hip (or if you have your belly button pierced- a cute little anchor belly button ring, etc.)

Mermaid- Bandeau type thing, pink or purple kind of top with a seashell in the middle and a blue tie skirt. Sequin fabric is always cute 

Tom Cruz in "risky buisness"- White button up shirt (long of course) High socks and a cute bra with the sunglasses. Always hot

Mini Mouse- don't forget the ears ;)

Summertime Again Please

Let's make strawberry lemonade and dance in the sun all day. I miss the sunshine. I miss the days laying out by the pool and walking around in sandals and going to Circle K when we were at the beach in newport. I miss the starbucks in the morning in our pajamas and the sunburns and tans and the cut off shorts and bonfires. I miss the long nights and the sleeping during the day. Can it be summer time again?


The sensation that someone is mentally undressing you.
After I walked away from the guy I was talking to, I had a mad case of gymnophoria.

I am my own drunken therapist

"I gave myself the "you're a really good girlfriend" talk on the way to where i intentionally cheated on him. i am my own drunken therapist."
Hahha for some reason i find this very amusing because I know girls that have actually done this. My friend over summer was texting me and kept saying, "I've always been faithful to him, i do everything for him, he has slept with other girls and i have been SUCH a good girlfriend. It's just one night. Right? He'll never find out. And (insert name here) is really cute and we've had such a good night and I have been so loyal to (insert boyfriend's name here) so i am going to do what i want. Text in the morning. "Oh my god... me and (insert name here) fucked.... (insert boyfriend's name here) is going to kill me. At least (insert name here) is hot...."

"Shut up. I wear heels bigger than your dick."