Friday, February 11, 2011

the night we walked every pavement in New York City

i have my loves, i have my doubts, i don't need this
We made a potato launcher in chemistry today. We took a picture of a guy Langlang didn't like from a football team and we shot chunks of potatps at it. We were learning about pressure so we made a potato launcher to demonstrate what happens with pressure. It was all good until people started launching potatoes at the ceiling and at the christian club posters on the door and at the girls working at the lab station by the door. We ended up walking out of class all covered in potato juice and laughing about who shot the potato and hit the football player he didn't like in the face with a huge chunk of potato haha normal day in 3rd period chemistry

I hate people who suck at driving its just scary watching them I mean really I owner how some of these people got their drivers licenses and how they Re still alive and havent killed anyone yet