Friday, February 18, 2011

you're the pretty eyed girl with no care in the world and that big fake smile glued across her cheeks. whos breaking breaking breaking down on the inside. you stutter and shake trying to escape the quivers and quakes when you're sitting alone at home wondering where you need to be in your life. and then i ask myself why. this pretty eyed girl who holds the world in the palm of her hands is falling apart wanting to restart the life that she has the life she was given. and the more i look at her the more i see the anger in her eyes. and the sadness. i know she cries. and the hole in her heart. she's trying her best not to fall apart at my feet. she's under a curse and im trying to find a way to break this spell that is binding her arms and tying her down to the ground. no innocent eyes. no time for goodbyes. baby please don't cry because i'm starting to realize that we're tied at the hip and i dont know how to let you go. because i'm fuckin up the flow of things and i know that you don't appreciate everything that i need to be. for me.

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