Friday, February 18, 2011

stop looking at me like you know me. you don't. there's no way that you own me. i'm wondering why that i'm still living in this house smiling at these jokes holding your hand pretending you care about me when you dont. used to be just us to but now i'm sitting here trying to forget all the lies you told all the words that hold me to who you think i need to be. you dont even know me. you're breaking me down holding me up. so sick of this roller coaster of emotions- feelings erupt. and you know that im broken im bleeding inside im unfeeling but i'm still breathing, hearts still beating. barely. i try to stand up. you push me down. but imma stand up now. stand up proud. get off of your balcony. quit lookin down on me. quit acting like you hold me to who you think that i need to be. this is my life its not yours so stop injecting yourself to where you think that you need to be. i dont want you near me i want you to hear me listen instead of missin hearing the sound of your own voice. it haunts me. taunts me. makes me feel like i need to be better than you make me out to be. 

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