Monday, February 28, 2011

well hello everyone. i just wanted to introduce my new boyfriend... his name is Michael. He is a 32 year old man who is 6'2 with blonde hair, green eyes, tan skin- but he is white- he loves surfing and long walks on the beach as well as going to country concerts with his sister Marie. He went to san diego state university and he wants to be a construction worker/ contractor because it's a real man's job. He has lived in California all his life and loves soccer, baseball, and playing guitar. I met him online at Isn't he amazing??? Until i found out he is really a 47 year old mexican with a half shaved head and a rat's tail, brown eyes, brown skin named Migel who enjoys wearing black eye liner, not shaving, smoking pot and getting drunk at the house at the end of the block whenever he feels like it. He doesn't know how to surf and he thinks walking is for weird people.... its because he is fat so he has no energy to walk... he doesn't know what country music is only death metal and he has a sister named merill. not marie. and she looks like snooki. she would be searched if she went to a country concert. He didn't go to college, he has to be in construction to pay the bills for his family who are illegal immigrants from mexico and he doesn't play sports or own a guitar. 

hahaha the things people say on the internet. 

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