Monday, February 28, 2011

i hate your smile. i hate the stupid freckles that cover your nose. i hate your eyes. i hate how much we fought. i hate how you always changed your mind. i hate your old fashion style. i hate the name amity. i hate white houses with green lawns and picket fences. i hate the idea of going on a honeymoon to greece and vacationing under a mango tree in Jamaica. i hate mangos. i hate how 6 months later i still have nights where all i want to do is talk to you for one last time. i hate your voice. i hate your necklace. i hate the name amber rae. i hate that smile that would cross your face when you opened the door and saw me. i hate the butterflies i got. i hate how i loved you. i hate how i only loved you. I hate how you looked at me after we kissed. i hated when you whispered in my ear.  i hated when you would follow me when i walked out on you. i hated how you would carry me home even when i wanted to run away. i hated how you made me stop drinking coffee. i hated how you took my writing and read it. i hate how you would tickle me. i hate animated movies. i hate beagles and golden retrievers and boxers. i hated when you spun the teacups too fast. i hated how you always wanted to leave. i hated how you were never happy. i hate how i wasn't good enough for you. i hate that i miss you because you aren't worth missing.

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