Monday, February 28, 2011

say that im a bitch- at least i speak my mind. say that i'm selfish- you have never seen all the good that i have done. say that i'm fat- i way less than 110 pounds. say that i have no friends- really? i've got plenty. just look around. say that i am a slut- if you really want to believe that. at least i'm having fun and living my life. and you are standing in the corner wishing you could. tell me i'm fake- real hair real skin real boobs real smile. ya, i'm definitely fake. tell me no one likes me- that is why i can talk to a list of guys that want to be with me. tell me that i'm not pretty- you can check facebook. people definitely disagree. tell me that i lie- i have nothing to lie about. tell me that i'm lazy- because i will kill myself for something i love. keep talking because it just proves that you really know nothing about me.

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