Thursday, December 30, 2010

blah blah blahhhh

that's all they were. to kids in love. holding hands and walking towards the setting sun. with no where to go, had no plan in mind. she had a flower behind her ear and there were stars in their eyes. they didn't care where they were going they thought it would all work out. until they figured out what life was all about. they had their fights. they said some things they shouldn't have said. but they kept coming back to the nights in their head where they were sitting in bed and kissing in the rain and waking up and hearing their name and seeing that look in the other one's eyes that made them melt, no need to come to a compromise. so they looked past the fights and things they shouldn't have said and the days she went home and cried the things she words she should have said and the times he forgot to tell her that he loved her. because they were just two kids in love. thought nothing could go wrong. until they came to the end and it all fell apart. and it was the end of the world and nothing really mattered. 

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