Thursday, December 30, 2010

33 things to do while home alone

1) dance in your underwear
2) sing along to the newest Katy Perry or Justing Beiber song... oh i know its a guilty pleasure of yours
3)take a bath and fill it with lots of bubbles
4) watch the TV show or movie that is your favorite but can't watch because it drives everyone crazy and its always on
5)tan outside without a bathing suit on- you won't have tan lines hehe just make sure your neighbors aren't creepin
6) sing along to an opera and pretend that you are really good
7) do those funny exercise videos in front of the TV the ones about how to do chair dances and sexy yoga are hilarious by the way
8) make your own youtube video- parodies are hilarious. so pick a song and make fun of it or something!!
9) go mattress surfing down your stairs
10) sit in front of your computer and take 100 pictures of yourself until you think you look pretty in one
11) read a magazine that you love but would be too embarrassed to read around anyone else
12) clean out your closet!
13)have a TV marathon and lay in bed all day
14) cook something out of a cook book instead of microwaving. make some fancy dish and enjoy it afterwards
15)make a scrapbook- bet you can't remember all the things that happened in the pictures. try and remember so you have it when you are old
16) read blogs they are a complete waste of time and can be funny
17) impersonate people from the movies you are watching
18) skip around the house singing show tunes and dancing with your dog or something have fun with it!
19)walk around naked.. hey if you're into that kinda thing now is your time because you can't normally do that... i think
20)make cookies then proceed to eat them all. yum yum yum
21)take a quiz and see who you truly are- GOOD way to waste time
22)hey... here's one! READ A BOOK!!!
23) make a playlist of music that makes you happy
24) give yourself a mental health day and get all pretty- do your nails, do your hair, relaxxxx
25) clean something. its a good way to waste time and you are being productive
26) exercise and blast music
27) facebook creep on people and refresh your news feed every 2 seconds
28) prank phone call someone
29) lay out on a raft in the pool, sleep, read a magazine, relax, listen to some music
30) have an art project make something pretttyyyyyy
31) play farmville or something
32) play barbies or legos dont you miss being a kid?
33) see how big of a bubble you can blow with your bubble gum

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