Wednesday, February 16, 2011

nail polish colors....they make me happy ;)

cajun shrimp. you're a pisa work. blue my mind. teal the cows come home. on the same paige. cha-ching cherry. atomic orange. my private jet. shrimply divine. lincoln park after dark. funky dunkey. sparkle-icious. conga-line coral. chocolate shake-speare. color so hot it berns. chop-sticking to my story. paint my moji-toes red. catch me in your net. ladies and magenta-men. chick flick cherry. midnight in moscow. light my sapphire. simply smashing. a grape fit. green-wich village. too hot pink to hold-em. rose at dawn.. broke by noon.  Houston we have a purple. gargantuan green grape. no spain no gain. flirt. jade is the new black. bright lights- big color. tickle my france-y. i'm indi-a mood for love.

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