Wednesday, February 16, 2011

i used to love the way you would look at me after we kissed. i used to love the big hugs you'd give me where i felt like you would never let go because you were part of me. i used to love how you would pick me up and make me the princess while you played prince charming.i used to love the fact that you laid in the hammock with me staring at the stars not saying anything because we didn't need to. i used to love our nicknames. i used to love the way you made me laugh i felt so high like i could never fall. i used to love walking out of your house with that smile on my face because i knew that you loved me more than anything in the world. i used to love sitting on my kitchen floor eating cookie dough with you. i used to love "our side of the pool". i used to love your eyes and how honest they were- how they could never lie to me- how there was an innocence to them. i used to love how you could never break a promise to me. i used to love how you would never give up on me and how you always had my back when i needed someone there. i used to love the good morning texts and the good night phone calls. i used to love the feeling of your necklace hanging around my neck because i knew that you were mine and that i was your girl. i used to love the smell of your cologne on my skin. i used to love wearing your t-shirts and jackets. i used to love how you wanted me in your future. i used to love the crazy weird things we did and our inside jokes. i used to love the name amity. i used to love cuddling with you under that disgusting green colored blanket on your bean bag. i used to love when i would get mad at you and walk out or go sit somewhere else and you would come over and kiss me and it would be all better. i used to love running my fingers through your hair. i used to love the fourth of july. i used to love talking to you late because i woke up missing you and you were missing me. i used to love seeing you smile back at me. i used to love eating pepperoni sausage and bacon pizza with you watching gossip girl at eleven o'clock at night and how it only took an hour to order the pizza. i used to love the way you would tease me. i used to love when your arms would wrap around me while i was doing something and i knew it was you. i used to love playing frisbee at the park. i used to love sitting in movie theatre hallways. i used to love golden spoon ice cream and my red victoria's secret jacket. i used to love our long walks and deep talks. i used to love when you would whisper to me. i used to love that no matter what we made up. i used to love hearing you call me pumpkin. i used to love kissing underwater. i used to love when you would tuck flowers behind my ear. i used to love summer days. i used to love sailboat rides. i used to love fairs and cotton candy and running through the sprinklers. i used to love subway. i used to love when you would understand if i cried. i used to love when after we kiss we would look at each other with eyes unfocused, noses touching, smiling because we were genuinely happy. i used to love me and you. but now that is gone and its time to really move on. 

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