Sunday, February 13, 2011

just another story... obviously not the picture the story is based off but i think you'll get the picture haha

Jennings told me to make it perfect. I hated this magazine and editing these pictures. The whole industry was fake- they sold shit that was all airbrushed and cut apart to make the girls look like plastic dolls. Too bad I was the one who made everything look like that. As I stared at the large, glossy screen I couldn’t help but become wrapped around the images that appeared. The pictures were going to be vividly etched in my mind for a long time. For some reason, I couldn’t seem to let go of her face- it was as though it was going to be permanently burned into my thoughts. Her tawny colored hair whipped around her face, hanging against her porcelain skin. Greens, grays, and blues were spooled together to create a ribbon of colors in the irises of her eyes. Was the color azure blue? Or was is emerald green or dove gray? I couldn’t tell. A line of black eye liner rimmed the edges of her almond shaped eyes, complimented by smokey, black eye makeup and mascara that made her eye lashes look too long to be real. Her smile looked like it came from the toothpaste ad with full, pink lips that arched in two perfect bumps, separated in the center. She had long, silky hair that hung in loose curls around the edges of her face. A light cerulean blue, baby doll dress was held closely to her chest then flowed out, much like a wave when it crashes against rugged rocks on  a coast line- when the colors wash out and just leave a frothy white and light blue mixture, throwing an explosion of the water into the air. Her body was sprawled across the rocks. She looked godly, almost supernatural. You never saw this kind of beauty. She extended her neck, a little arch was formed in her back and her perfectly sculpted face was tilted back. The girl closed her eyes, seeming to absorb the sun’s rays. I wished I could know her, figure out what she’s like. I wanted to know what made her tick- how she really felt about things. This girl looked confident, unstoppable. I traced the contours of her body with my eyes. Perfection. Each line looked painted, like she was some kind of masterpiece God had created to make the rest of us on this damn planet envy her. I could picture the camera clicking in my mind, snapping the images as she posed for the photographer. She knew her stuff. Her body twisted and curved, bending and molding herself into positions I’d never seen before. All for a few pictures. I accentuated the concave in her back, thinning her already tiny waist and smoothed out the top of the dress that wrapped around her chest. The lines were smooth and long, shaped perfectly. Plastic. A silver chain hung around her neck, falling over those perfect collar bones that formed two, fragile lines beneath her skin. The bones framed the silver, heart shaped pendant that rested against her skin.  There was not a single freckle on her face or a blemish on her skin. I could see where a section of hair may have been blown by the wind, only to be immediately tucked back into place by the awaiting crew. Their job was only to make everything happen- get the snobby, hundred pound models their water, do their makeup, tie the little strings on the bikinis that were being modeled for Dolce and Gabanna’s new line, zipping up the dresses by Michael Kors and Versace, buckling on the thousand dollar heels by Jimmy Choo and making sure everything went as planned. I studied the picture a little harder. The girl looked exotic, her bronzed shoulders were pushed back as she arched her back much like a mermaid would in a movie as she basked playfully in the sunshine. Her statuesque beauty was thrilling. I let my eyes skim over the picture as I looked at it fondly. It was as though she was glowing. She was like a life sized barbie doll, someone who was too perfect to be real. It’s because she wasn’t. I smiled at the thought of the girl I remembered, knowing I would never see her again. That girl on the screen with the perfectly toned, slim body and proportioned features couldn’t be real. I had retouched every aspect of her image. Of course she looked better than before, how could she not. I couldn’t help but feel saddened by the fact that this extraordinary beauty could never be real, not in this world. I finally came to a conclusion. She was a goddess. 

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