Sunday, February 13, 2011

the doors. oh my god. i am in love. seriously. this band- AHHHH. i watched the movie "the doors" with my daddy. we sat on the couch while my mom and sister were gone and we turned it on and ate raspberry white chocolate chip cheese cake from Claim Jumper and  watched this movie and it just made me fall in love with the doors. i liked them before but i never really appreciated their music and i am totally in love with them now. everything they stand for. they were for revolutionizing the music industry, about sex drugs and rock and roll, about testing limits and crossing boundaries, kicking the line drawn in the sand until it was just dust, about uncensored music, about saying what they wanted and not caring what anyone else thought about it. i love the fact that half of their songs were created while they were completely intoxicated and under the influence and they still managed to create some of the best songs ever. And how their music is so unprocessed. They are amazing. i could go on for dayyzzzzz hehe :)

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