Thursday, March 3, 2011

thank you for being my knight in shining armor. thank you for being my husband and letting me be your wife when we played house and pretending to eat the plastic food i handed you on a plastic plate with no fork no knife no spoon. thank you for chasing me around the playground and teaching me how to throw a football. thank you for letting me sit in the stands and cheer you on at the baseball game you were pitching in when you were 12. thank you for pulling my hair and for the callused hands from swinging on monkey bars and the bandaids of my youth. thank you for the eyelashes you made me wish on when one fell on my cheek. thank you for getting that bee out of my hair and for sharing your lady bugs with me. thank you for making mud pies in the backyard and for racing your new two wheel bike around the street, but slowing down when i came because i still had my training wheels. thank you for giving me your heart and trusting me not to break it and holding my hand when i was sad. thank you for telling me it would be okay if i got hurt or if i was just sad for the day. thank you for sharing your crayons with me and coming and seeing movies with me and going to baseball games together when we were so little and for being my little boyfriend- my first boyfriend. thank you for the grass stained  jeans and making me laugh until i couldn't breathe and the days where we ate powdered sugar doughnuts off strings on the playground and were in the 3 piggy opera together. thank you for being my first real friend. you will last forever.

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