Tuesday, March 22, 2011

rewind: redo what you messed up. what you regret. replay that day when you felt so in love, so happy- that smile that could not be wiped away from your face. rewind and see that person you've been missing for so long and the last thing they said to you. replay that night. rewrite that text. say i love you and mean it instead of just mouthing the words

pause: stop in the moment. look in their eyes. feel the butterflies in your stomach. stop to think about what you are doing. don't fuck this up kid. don't fuck this up. stay in this moment forever because it is so perfect, so real.

play: just live life in the moment. go at your own pace. there's no need to speed up or go back, just go with the flow and don't stop for anyone.

stop: process. don't move. don't say anything. mental health day needed. shut down, go to sleep, hibernate, die for a day. relax and take a moment to think because you don't wanna mess this up again. 

fast forward: get the hell out of here. run. don't turn back. look and see where you will be and think ahead. don't you dare stop running until you fade into the sunset.

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