Sunday, March 20, 2011

dear heart,

you can let go now. because me and him let go a long time ago and i never want to remember his face or that look in his eyes ever again because it kills me a little every time i see him. and i want to pretend he never existed. he was my first love. he taught me how to let go. he made me free. and then he held me back. and then he made me a trapped bird in a cage. and then he forced me to explain to him why i did the things i did. and i am done. i am tired of being his pumpkin- his girl- because i want him to mean nothing to me any more- just like i mean nothing to him. i want him to feel the pain he made me feel because he doesn't understand. i want to forget the flowers in my hair and burnt feet from hot pavement and piggy back rides and all of that shit that was so cliche. i want to forget being his little princess. because i don't want to be little any more. and i don't want to be that stupid lonely princess in a tower, waiting for my real prince charming.

a girl who really wants to fucking let go now.

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