Saturday, February 5, 2011

the late nights the water fights the midnight pizza runs and playing ping pong until 2 A.M. the shopping sprees the victorias secret bikinis the chronic tacos starbucks drive thrus with cute guys at the window who talk to you about how the thingie you put in the top of your coffee so it wont spill is called a splash stick and how there is a mermaid on it the jacuzzi seshes the study parties laughing until you cry or when someone tickles you so hard you wanna die the gates and the dates and our so called "fate" the basketball games and freezing standing at football games screaming as they run the ball down the field the corkys and wing stop nights and blasting music while stuck at stop lights playing lets get it on and livin la vida loca in the parking lot driving super slow the walks and the talks and the times we stayed up on the phone and cried the boy talks and the cakes you get because you got grounded and your friend wants to make you feel better the princess balloons and the pictures that you could never delete the pretend birthdays at cheesecake factory and trying on every single thing in your closet just because the power walks the gym floor discussions the times we laughed until we almost peed our pants the orbit gum the taco bell runs at 11 PM ferris wheel rides and going to see movies like harry potter just because the justin beiber and twilight haters the acrylics and hot cheetos and the pink nail polish called shrimply devine dressing up for the hell of it and being able to call this life mine

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