Wednesday, January 26, 2011

17 reasons why i miss summer

1. i miss the ice cream fights at the park and running around in the grass after with ruined jean shorts and white t-shirts on, talking about how my vans are stained from the snow cone i got thrown at me after i shoved ice cream in her face
2. i miss the lazy days of staying up late and waking up at noon
3. i miss the blue skies, the birds, the flowers all blooming
4. i miss not having any drama because it was summer
5. i miss when he'd tuck a flower behind my ear because i thought it was pretty
6. i miss the bare feet on the hot pavement and running to get to where you are going because the ground is so hot and you dont have shoes
7. i miss being able to swim whenever i want.
8. i miss the sleepovers and making pancakes the morning after as we recap our night
9. i miss the summer love when everything is good and all you can do is smile
10. i miss not being stressed about school and grades
11. i miss everyone being oblivious about what is going on.
12. i miss when i could do what i want when i want
13. i miss the loud music and the pajamas tuesday morning just because
14. i miss the lemonade and the frappachinos from starbucks
15. i miss walking to circle k past the old homeless guy to go get energy drinks and snacks and making ourselves look pretty to go out after being at the beach
16. i miss the aviators with the convertible down
17. i miss my babiessssss

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