Monday, December 13, 2010

People are dumb asses.

Sunday afternoon. 80 degrees. Cruisin with the top down in the mustang with my sunglasses on listening to music on the way to the mall. I come over a hill going 60. Then slow down to 40. I'm going in the turn lane and the light is green. So i'm not slowing down. Lane next to me. 10 cars back. Red light. Completely stopped. This lady with like 3 kids in her car decides to pull in front of me. And isn't stopping. I am like slamming on the break my mom is screaming. And she doesn't stop she keeps coming into my lane. I end up like a foot away from the side of her car. With kids in it. And i am like oh my god i am going to kill her family i am going to wreck my favorite car ever and am going to end up in the hospital. Oh my god. I get the car to stop. Like inches away from her car. She just drives through the light. That is now yellow. I almost get in a car accident. The lady drives away. And i get stuck at the light. Oh my god scariest fucking thing of my life. People are stupid. 

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