Tuesday, December 21, 2010

miss you

all i wanna do is smile. and somehow you are the only one that can make me. i don't know what it is about you- maybe its that stupid little sideways grin that spreads across your face or the look you get in your eyes when i look at you. i've always loved the way it felt holding your hand and when i'd run my fingers through your hair. i haven't smiled in a while babe, and i kinda miss it. i'm starting to feel a little lost a little empty- maybe its because i only felt whole when i was with you. getting piggy back rides because i forgot my shoes and the pavement was too hot, laying on the side walk with my head in your lap, having you pick me up and spin me in circles with a flower in my hair. Somehow i can't seem to forget how good it felt with you. How happy i was with you in my life. but you are long gone. Wish i could ask you to come back. but i think i hurt you one too many times didn't i?

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